Michael Jackson Witch-Hunt

Besides being the "easiest" crime to be convicted of, many people overlook the fact of ulterior motives and police corruption in the arrest of Michael Jackson, and his PERsecution for alleged child sexual abuse. The Hick-farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes can brainwash anyone - and if you don't believe it, then read this piece.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

The Michael Jackson Witch-hunt

The Michael Jackson Witch Hunt
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Posted by: WebPastor David Todeschini
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I can think of no better example of this country's violation one of the basic premises upon which it was founded than the PERsecution of Michael Jackson. Nowhere else in the world could such a travesty of justice be perpetrated with absolute impunity. For those who may not know from whence I speak, I will attempt to make my point as crystal as possible:

The law sates quite clearly, that a person under the protection of the Constitution of the United States is PRESUMED INNOCENT UNTIL he or she is PROVEN GUILTY “beyond a reasonable doubt”, and “to a moral certainty”. Lofty words that mean nothing in the age of Jerry Springer. In November of the year 2000, a black man in New York was convicted of murder by a “jury of his peers”, who arrived at their verdict by the toss of a coin; a 50-cent piece - a “lucky” Kennedy half-dollar carried by a juror. The man was given a new trial after one of the jurors got an attack of conscience and reported this behavior to the judge. To be honest, I didn't follow the case after that; the man should have been set free on the spot, and all the jurors (except the one who came forward) should have spent 10 or 15 years in prison for the collective depravity it took to put a man on death row by the flip of a coin... but the defendant was a black man, so... so what? So what difference would ONE more nigger in prison make? I'm certain that this type of callous indifference for a man's life would not have happened if the defendant were white.

All of this should be no big surprise in this dumbed-down country, and it is no wonder (to me) that we've already lost our freedom and we're too stupid to even know it, or hardly even care... we have the government we - present company excepted - deserve.

Personally, I happen to like Michael Jackson. He is an amazingly gifted performer who has single-handedly done more to help starving children in third-world countries than anyone. His song “We Are The World...” rips my heart out. Perhaps this is because I was in Vietnam 35 years ago, and I know how it is to see children suffer and die, and not be able to do anything of real significance about it.

It is difficult to imagine someone with the level of compassion Michael Jackson has, being the pervert that the media - and particularly Jay Leno with his off-color sexual innuendos - has painted him to be.

We have seen multiple witnesses in this Vaudeville comedy act posing as a trial, get up on the stand and swear under oath that Mr. Jackson's behavior was NEVER inappropriate. With all the “Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes” that play Amicus Curie in such cases, it is refreshing to see the truth shoved down their throats for once.

Yes, Michael Jackson is - shall we say - “eccentric”; however, eccentricity is not a crime... at least it wasn't the last time I checked. As far as sleeping in the same bed with a child - that, too, is not in itself, evil. Some people, secretly harboring a self-loathing for having some deviant proclivities themselves, loathe what their perceptual distortions “read into” circumstances of potential opportunity, because when they see what they want to see in Michael Jackson, they see what they hate in themselves. The truth hurts, doesn't it? Well, that's what we're all about on this web site... TRUTH... Empirical, no psychobabble truth.

Don't let me offend you; God forbid someone would be offended! Tough cookies. If the shoe fits... As the Apostle Paul wrote in his letter to the Corinthians, “Have I become your enemy because I speak the truth?” (Paraphrased).

The truth is that if ONE man's life and reputation can be destroyed with impunity, then no one is safe. Next week it could be you, or someone in your family who has the burden of proving their innocence... It may be you who has the impossible task of breaking the paradigms of people who will only hear what they want to hear. If you play long-shot odds long enough, you're bound to “hit the big one” eventually... only in this case, it would be more like the “big one” hit YOU. Peradventure you DO emerge from a false allegation completely vindicated, you will have won a hollow victory; you will have lost your reputation, your livelihood, and all of your money will have gone to lawyers. You will have no recourse to recover damages by suing those responsible, unless by some fortuitous miracle, you are able to prove exceptionally egregious conduct on the part of the prosecution. In addition, the accuser would now be able to sue YOU in CIVIL court, where the burden of proof is orders of magnitude less than at a criminal trial... shades of O.J. Simpson.

People who make false allegations, and people who brainwash children into making those allegations should, if I had anything to say about it, be taken out and shot.

Listen! just ONE travesty of “justice” is unacceptable in a society that claims to be “One nation under God”. Where you have ONE travesty, for the one that is discovered and proven to be fraudulent, there are a thousand more, which for lack of empirical evidence sufficient in scope to prove a negative “beyond a reasonable doubt”, will remain an undiscovered travesty.

I have said this before, and I'll say it again: There are no doubt, people out in society that DO have abnormal sexual proclivities; they are few and far-between, fortunately. False allegations of child sexual abuse have become a weapon in the hands of The Merchants of Chaos, who do not seek the truth, and disregard the facts. Opportunity alone is sufficient in their twisted mentalities to arouse suspicion. In their minds, no adult male has any other motive to spend time alone with a child except to “groom” that child for some sexually deviant purpose. It has come to the point that everyone has to sleep with one eye open so-to-speak. Scout leaders, Little-League coaches, Priests, Karate instructors, and anyone even remotely involved with children must now be “on point” against what the Bible calls “the appearance of evil”; and in the twisted mentality of these “Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes”, changing a diaper is opportunity to commit sexual abuse. Unfortunately, they've contaminated the public's perception of reality via the sensationalist media, and have used our concern for our children's safety to usurp the Constitutional rights of the accused. As a result, those few among us who really harbor such propensities have resorted to murdering their victims in order to avoid leaving a material witness to testify against them.

I am NOT advocating for perpetrators; I'm concerned about the children, as any one of us would be. However, I know how this works; I am trying to get this through some thick heads, so that it is perfectly understood; we can talk about “solutions” only when we can clearly and objectively describe the problem.

A person with a sexual paraphilia, first of all, is by clinical definition, a “closeted” individual; an introvert. He has to be secretive and sequestered in order to keep his dark secret from being discovered. Michael Jackson is the polar opposite; his entire life has been spent in the limelight, and under the ubiquitous scrutiny of the Paparazzi. He has had little if any privacy outside of Neverland's gates. The reason for his elaborate retreat - perhaps the manifestation of a childhood dream - may be an attempt to live the childhood he missed having, and the young boys replacements for the childhood playmates he never had; being a celebrity from such a tender age. In any case, his extravagance is his own business; certainly, it is no rational cause to allege sexual abuse. However, child sexual abuse allegations are seldom anything that can remotely be called “rational”.

As an aside, here, did anyone ever notice that the “disclosure” made in a vast majority of these cases, is said to have been to a “counselor” in a child's school? This should raise some serious questions, because these children almost never say anything to their parents. Obviously, a child trusts his / her parents more than they would trust a stranger.

This phenomenon is NOT an anomaly. If a child is hurt or offended, parents are usually the first to know. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The truth of the matter is that these “counselors” are brainwashing the kids. They start off with innocent questions such as: “Did daddy ever tickle you?”, and it progresses slowly along the path of “yes” answers, until the “counselor” hears something that could be construed into inappropriate touching or sexual abuse. In Dianetics this is called a “Pro-Survival Ally Computation”. The child, learning that disclosure of “naughty” behavior by someone gets him / her attention and praise (and even sympathy) from an authority figure, learns (unwittingly and unconsciously) that the “disclosure” is (emotionally) valuable. In order to keep that level of attention, the child will continue to make increasingly ludicrous allegations, “dubbing in” to the story, bits and pieces of what is perceived the “counselor” is pleased with, and parts of knowledge gained in everyday life... such as from TV, magazines, newspapers, friends, et al. This phenomenon is more commonly known as “False Memory Syndrome”.

Enough evidence has been tendered as far as I'm concerned, to prove to me that the case against Michael Jackson is just as bogus as the case the authorities made against Lee Harvey Oswald, or Vincent Jenkins - the latter who spent 17 years in prison for a rape he did not committ because crooked cops coached a white woman to pick him out of a line-up (the real perpetrator was never caught). Does anyone care? Apparently not, because not a single day goes by without such an allegation appearing as headlines (or otherwise prominently) in the newspapers. When some of these cases are dismissed, the story, if it appears at all, it is buried in a single paragraph on page 82 somewhere.

Are there REALLY so many sexual deviants hiding in the shadows, or is there something more than meets the eye here? I believe the latter is the case... and the reason I believe it, is because like everything else in this country, it's all about money. Lawyers get paid whether they win the case or not, and with the current mentality of jurors in this country, it is more than likely that an attorney would advise a client to NOT go to trial (plead guilty as risk management), because if the victim testifies, ANY jury would tend to believe the child. Perchance if the child cries, you're done-off. If there is any impropriety on the prosecution's part, the child would be coached (brainwashed) in a pre-trial preparation that is more emotionally traumatic than being violently raped. In any event, you lose. If you don't believe it, not to worry - the odds are that the Gestapo will soon be knocking at YOUR door... you'll see.

The bottom line is that people believe what they want to believe; their beliefs become their “truth”. The mainstream media has the mandate to create that “truth” out of total apparencies... what “appears to be” is not always the objective, empirical fact. Without physical evidence; without tangible proof that a crime has been committed, by the tenets of our Constitution, there can be no crime, and an allegation that “he / she touched me” - even YESTERDAY - is absolutely ludicrous. Therefore, with no physical evidence of any crime being committed, and lacking even a consistent testimony by the alleged victim despite all of the pre-trail brainwashing that child witnesses are routinely exposed to, Michael Jackson, like a legion of others similarly situated, is INNOCENT because he CANNOT (even if he actually IS) be proven guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt” without that physical evidence (such as DNA or physical injury to the alleged victim).

The price we pay for freedom is high. The price is that SOME of the actually guilty go free, so that ALL of the innocent REMAIN free. Give the government a single opportunity, or make ONE exception, and you can bet that before long, we all - guilty or not - will be wearing GPS tracking devices and attending “therapy” classes in prison. This is how The Merchants Of Chaos make their money (see my expose' on one prison fraud case on
www.Net4TruthUSA.com/text-prisontherapy.htm). Because nobody in their right mind would be caught dead on a “shrink's” couch, psychiatrists and psychologists get most of their patients these days via compulsion by the courts. Strange “bedfellows” - shrinks and judges; and this has the effect of being criminalogenic; i.e.: it creates criminals out of thin air.

I adjure you to take my warning seriously, because the price you'll pay if I'm right and you pay it no mind, will be the loss of your freedom and everything you own... not to mention that you may not survive (in prison) to see a Parole Board.

USDOJ statistics recently revealed that there are 30,000 (thirty thousand - no type-o) registered “sex offenders” in the State of Florida, and that authorities there have “lost track” of almost a third of them. So much for Orwellian technology - that's what it is - it is an attempt to keep track of EVERYONE with the excuse to expend taxpayer's money on the equipment and personnel to build a prototype system. Once they have the rape-os down pat, they'll move to drug dealers (who are most always rapists and child molesters because they routinely barter sex for drugs when the addicted child has no money), then gang members, and finally, every citizen - especially children. In fact, when I was president of NJ-based Telson USA from 1994 to 1998, I spoke to several companies (who have since gone belly-up) that were developing GPS wrist bracelets for kids to wear, so that their parents would know where they were at all times. Position data from the bracelets would be transmitted over the cell phone frequencies, and would be available via a “per query” charge, or monthly subscription to their service over the Internet.

Make no mistake... yes, there are sexual deviants in our midst; there always have been, and unfortunately, there always will be. However, the threat has been sensationalized all out of proportion by the media. The politicians looking to get into the limelight are all too eager to prosecute innocent people, and judges are loath to dismiss frivolous and even bogus cases, because of the backlash it would cause. Never mind adhering to the law; the law is manipulated so that whatever “reality” there is, is hidden, and the circuitous psychobabble of a litany of crusading social workers and brainwashing specialists is accepted as fact. All you have do to see that this is true, is to listen to my interview with Donna Burlis on:
or you can visit the web site of a law firm specializing in the legal defense of sex abuse cases at http://www.accused.com/.

As for Michael Jackson, I believe he is innocent. There are grown men in this country who, given Mr. Jackson's money, would buy similar “toys”. Michael Jackson, were he a pedophile as alleged, could certainly afford to travel abroad incognito, and molest whoever he wanted to. That is and has been the stock-in-trade of the “resort” industry in Southeast Asia for decades... I know; I've been there (Vietnam), and
wrote a book about the war.

The solution to the problem is not the malicious prosecution of anyone who is accused; I certainly sympathize with the parents of children who were murdered by their abusers, and I share their rage. Given the fact that there ARE indeed, those who would traumatize a child by sexual abuse, giving a perpetrator no other option but to murder his victim in order not to be caught, is not a viable solution... we have seen where that leads. I'm sorry. That's the way I see it. DNA technology snuck up and bit the authorities who PERsecuted Vincent Jenkins (and thousands of others who were railroaded by “justice”) in the ass. Silently, without so much as a word in the mainstream media, many of these people have been released... but only after their lives were ruined. They - most of them - have no legal recourse to punish those who made them cannon fodder in their political campaigns, or used their arrest records to get promotions. It is high time that America does away with qualified immunity, and vigorously prosecutes corrupt judges, crooked cops, crusading “counselors”, and those who abuse the power of their political offices.

It is about time that the people in this country see the connection between kids being given highly dangerous drugs for “Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder” (a disease which does not actually exist), and violent behavior such as that which happened at Columbine High School et al. To educate oneself takes a bit of time. I have saved the reader much of that valuable time by doing the research, and writing a book titled: “The Sexual Paraphilias - Therapy by Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes”, among others. I have also provided a set of links to free literature on the topic of drugging children in school, on my web site at:

I would advise my readers not to fall prey to emotional outrage. Emotions mixed with politics have given us draconian solutions to problems that those very “solutions” created. By attempted suppression, we have upped the ante of the real sexual crimes, and created close to 1.5 million (approximately) “sex offenders”, and probably twice as many “victims” out of absolutely nothing but the “appearance of evil”.

The Satanic agenda of the New World Order dictates that the nuclear family be destroyed. It started with the devaluation of our money in the 1930's, and was perpetuated by the Welfare State, where the government provided “day care” while both parents worked to make ends meet. The State was raising their children at taxpayer expense. Today, many families and would-be families are destroyed by false allegations of child sexual abuse, and the few REAL cases that DO, unfortunately happen, are used to put the imprimatur of truth on all the cases that are fabricated by the legion of “Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes” to whom we entrust our children in the public schools.

The State is raising our children, and we are paying them to do it. They might not be getting raped sexually, but they certainly are being raped mentally and spiritually by being taught “evolution” as “science”, sex education (where they get the information to “dub in” to false allegations), and a litany of psychobabble as “moral reasoning” - Kholberg, et al. instead of Biblical values (God forbid that someone would suggest teaching the Bible!).

Our children learn by example, and this “One Nation Under God” murders over 4,000 innocent babies a day before they're born. As Jesus said to the Pharisees “... You strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel”. The Michael Jackson case is straining at gnats. Meanwhile, over 4,000 little souls are literally butchered every day by murderers who call themselves “doctors”. Meanwhile, over 9 MILLION (as of 2002) children are given dangerous psychotropic drugs - drugs that are every bit as dangerous as anything that can be bought on the street - to treat “disorders” which are nothing more than playful energy and youthful exuberance. The Merchants Of Chaos are doing what it is their mandate to do; to brainwash America, and engage in psychological terrorism under the guise of a benevolent protectorate. I'm here to tell you that that benevolence is an apparency, and the public eats it hook, line, and sinker every time. They give it no processor time in their brains, because it feels too good and too comfortable to just believe what that TV spews out, than to labor over the truth. Everything that looks like a duck isn’t a duck, and things are sometimes purposely made to look like ducks, so other ducks will believe it's a duck. Take that line of reasoning where you will; if Michael Jackson is really a pedophile, there is no physical evidence to prove it. Opportunity is not a crime. Neither is a natural affection towards children, however open and obvious it may be. These people ought to be ashamed of themselves, and they should resolve to devote their time to prosecuting REAL criminals. They should crawl back under their slimy rocks, and stop putting this ludicrous crap in America's face every day. If Michael walks away vindicated, I hope he sues those malicious lying rat bastards for all the money they have.



© Copyright 2005 – WebPastor David Todeschini – All rights reserved

I must confess that I had no confidence that the King of Pop would walk away from his trial - with ten counts against him - a “free” man. Particularly telling in this charade of lies and false allegations was the reaction of the DA to the acquittal, who would not answer the hard questions at a press conference, and skillfully skirted and manipulated his way around the issues. He nervously minimized his culpability for the perpetration of the second witch-hunt against Michael Jackson that he and his office oversaw. Why didn't he, and those who work under him, see what the jury saw? I'll tell you why... it's their mindset; people hate in others what they secretly see in themselves... besides, the lawyers, the prisons, and the “therapists” whom I have called - and rightly so - “Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes” - all profit at the expense of those accused and/or convicted. You can read about one such case I personally became involved with in 2000-01 where a Registered Nurse from the Canandaigua Veteran's Administration (VISN-2) who worked at Groveland Correctional Facility, SONYEA, NY. Upon entering the prison gates, he suddenly transformed himself into a “psychiatrist” treating 12 veterans for “PTSD” at cost to the taxpayers of $40,000 per inmate/per year, according to the Dep't of Veteran's Affairs Inspector General, case #2001-HL-0066. You don't have to believe me, who am I that I have credibility? However, the report by DVA-IG validates my allegations. If course, they denied that money actually changed hands, but that's because he was caught before the money could change hands. Not only that, but this man had been doing this sort of thing since 1988, or so, but DVA-IG only audited fiscal year 2000. Read it, and see. Of course, like 90% of such scandals, it was covered up. The IG called the scam a “coding error”, But I know the truth, and if you read the referenced report, and my analysis thereof, you'll know the truth as well.

Some of these people use their positions of power to persecute others, and by doing so they vicariously accuse themselves. Most of the time they get away with it, as the law can be manipulated to make a lie into practically any “truth” imaginable. They also profit in the process. It doesn't take a Sigmund Freud to figure it out, and with no means by which to recover damages for the emotional, physical, and financial hardships the falsely accused and the wrongfully convicted endure; and with not even so much as an apology, what are the innocent supposed to do? Are they supposed to “hold it down”, and pretend that their lives were not destroyed by evil people who have made false allegations of child abuse into a cottage industry? What needs to happen in this country is the blanket repeal of prosecutorial immunity. A cop, a DA, a judge, a social worker - anyone who is caught lying, fabricating evidence, coaching witnesses, or withholding exculpatory evidence in a trial or an evidence hearing, should be immediately fired from their job, forfeit their pension, and made to serve the maximum sentence they sought for the exonerated accused; they should be made to pay treble damages, and be made vulnerable to civil lawsuits... but don't hold your breath waiting for it to happen! In a society where being accused of “inappropriate touching”; what is probably only the expression of a healthy human affection - is tantamount in some people's twisted brains as rape, or worse - in such a society, anything is possible. In such a society, the most grotesque murders - over 4,000 a day - is perfectly legal and permissible... infanticide - the cold blooded butchering of a baby in vivo, called “abortion” and “a woman's right” by popular demand. Jesus said to the Pharisees, “...you strain at a gnat and swallow a camel”, and we've been swallowing camels in this country for a very long time... that is why we have passenger jets crashing into the New York skyline with the tacit consent of the government... and don't think that terrorism is not related to the Michael Jackson case. All of this is a grand overall Communist conspiracy to create an environment in which anyone, no matter how impeccable his or her character, can be destroyed at a whim. It is a design to destroy the family; to persecute all acts of generosity and kindness; to discourage healthy, loving relationships, to twist innocence into guilt, and to make a lie appear to be the truth. It is the Illuminati plan to eventually indoctrinate all children, making them into automatons, and teaching them the “official” State-sponsored Darwinist religion; to teach them that a hug or a kiss, a ruffling of the hair, or playful roughhousing is sexual abuse in disguise. It is the perceptual aberration of the society so that they see ulterior motives in generosity, kindness, and normal human affection.

Don't you know that Scoutmasters, Little-League coaches, and Catholic priests are all pedophiles? The Sigmund Freud Wannabes won't admit it, but that's what they're slowly conditioning America to believe... and you're falling for it, America! You bought it... hook, line, and sinker... save for a single high profile case that had to adhere to the tests of verity built into the law. Too many critical eyes were watching. As much as that prosecutor wanted the Gloved One in prison so he could boast about busting a rich and famous pedophile, thereby making himself out to be some sort of hero, the lies blew up in his face. The undeniable truth jumped up and bit him in the ass, and he continues to deny that he was bitten. If I had anything to say about it, that prosecutor would be taken out, put up against the wall, given a chance to smoke 'em if ya' have 'em, and then shot, and that would be the beginning of the end of malicious witch hunts in America.

Michael Jackson was exonerated, and now he should be “made whole” - as much as it is even possible to be made whole after such libel and slander has been strewn in his path. He should write a very special song... maybe there would be hope for this sick society after all.

In the Bible, in the book of Isaiah, chapter 59, it says that “...truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter”; and almost in the same breath, it warns, “...and he who departeth from evil, maketh himself a prey”. Michael Jackson, like so many others you never hear about who couldn't prove a negative; couldn't prove that they were innocent, was too good, too generous, and too kind-hearted for his own damn good. People took his kindness for weakness, and sick minds that had been exposed to too much Jerry Springer and CSI, and who probably molested their own children, read into Michael's genuine love of children and his attraction to youthful exuberance, something evil that just wasn't there. These people are the same ones who believe that dismembering a human being before he is born is perfectly OK. They would go so far as to charge the doctor who slaps that baby's bottom to induce the first breath of life with child abuse - if they could get away with it. They will justify their support of the daily slaughter of the innocents by saying “it's legal”. That is precisely the argument that the Nazi war criminals raised as a defense at the Nüremberg trials; that it was not wrong to exterminate Jews because legally, they were not human beings, but it didn't hold water.

These “Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes” looked at the accusations against the world's most famous singer, and saw a reflection of their own dark motivations...if only they had a Neverland Ranch! When the Bible says that “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately [incurable; intractable] wicked”, these people are prime examples.

They labored hard and long, and used every means at their disposal; employed the black art of psychology, and slung around covert negatives like oatmeal in a grammar school cafeteria food fight. Fortunately, by the grace of God, this time, the truth emerged victorious. I believe that God has His hand on Michael Jackson. Some of us haven't been so lucky or so blessed, and some false convictions were turned into blessings in disguise, by He who knows the end from the beginning.

We can only pray that the verdict in this case will serve to disenchant evil people from making light of a man's life and reputation, as has been done so maliciously by intelligent people like Jay Leno - and by people who should know better than to feed energy into unbridled evil. Careful, Jay; some day you'll be in the same boat, and David Letterman will make jokes and sexual innuendos at your expense.

Sexual abuse cases have been used to distract the American people's attention from such scandals as Mena Airport, and the war in Iraq, just to name a few. Prisoner abuse is front-page NEWS when US soldiers are accused of doing it to suspected terrorists in Iraqi prisons, but abuse and exploitation of prisoners is the order of the day in New York prisons. As a Greek philosopher once said, “Physician, heal thyself”. See:

Jesus said, “...first take the beam out of thine own eye, that you may see clearly to remove the speck out of thy brother's eye”, and to the crowd ready to stone a woman caught in flagrante delicto, “He who is without sin among you, cast the first stone”.

Make no mistake, the demons masquerading as “counselors” and social workers, will continue to persecute others as long as they're immune from the consequences of making false allegations, and they will continue brainwashing little children to perceive affection as abuse. They must be stopped, and the only way to stop them is by banning their testimony - and even their very presence in the courtrooms, prisons, and schools. The practice of psychiatry and psychology anywhere within the borders if the United States, would be a B-Felony if I had anything to say about it. If you think my position is too radical, you should download free literature from Citizen's Commission On Human Rights International in PDF format from:
http://www.Net4TruthUSA.com/cchrlinks.htm and learn the truth about the dark force that leads to false allegations, is the root of every global conflict since WW1, and threatens to destroy America. Read my books: “The Sexual Paraphilias - Therapy by Hick-Farmer Sigmund Freud Wannabes”, and “Psychiatry, Mind Control, Genocide and Infanticide”.

In the meantime, anyone, anywhere, for any reason - even if he or she operates in the best interests of a child, is subject to tactics used by Hitler's SS troops, and even your own child can be taken from you if you step on the wrong toes. Find that a bit hard to swallow? Listen to an interview with Donna Burlis on:
Cases like hers happen hundreds of times a day in this country. It is time to get Big Brother out of people's personal lives... to do it by any means necessary, including by force of arms. Murderers should be shot, and liars should be silenced. Psychological terrorists who pit father against son, mother against daughter, and seek to destroy a family without cause, should be slowly tortured to death until they beg to die.

The evidence is in. The jury has spoken. For once, truth did not fall in the street. Michael Jackson's troubles began because he did not avoid the appearance of evil, to those self-righteous hypocrites who see opportunity, and assume that someone in that situation would do what they would have done. It is a sad day in America when good, well-intentioned people have to put themselves into the mindset of demons, to avoid being accused of being demonic by the demons themselves. If we don't purge this evil from our society, we ll will begin to think just like them. When we feel affection towards a child - family member or not - we will all have to pause and think about how that playful tap on the backside, or a spontaneous peck on the cheek, could later on be construed as something it was not; perceptually distorted into an act of sexual abuse by the professional low-life educated scumbags who are expert in doing this sort of thing. If you don't think it can happen to you, I'm here to tell you that it can, and if you think yourself immune, it probably will.

I pray my words are not prophetic, here, but I can read the handwriting on the wall. I know the “psychiatrist” mindset and philosophy all too well. Most of them have even fooled themselves; their Ph Ds in the minds of average Joes, lend an air of credibility, and the imprimatur of professionalism. John Q Public may be impressed and fooled; I, on the other hand, see right through them. You will, too, if you take the time to read the referenced materials.

In closing this piece, I, along with I'm sure many others, wish Michael Jackson well. Michael, God has delivered you, and He has prepared a table for you in the midst of your enemies. Your cup runneth over with the talent He gave you. This tribulation, like Jonah in the belly of the whale, is about as clear a message as the Good Lord can send. Use your God-given talent to serve the Lord, and like Job, God will bless you with twice what you had before. You are in a position to laugh at the Devil, and like it says in Isaiah 14, “...narrowly look upon him and say, Is this the man who caused the nations to tremble... who opened not the gate of his prisoners?”

Godspeed, Michael, and God bless.

Posted by: WebPastor David Todeschini


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